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September 24, 2014

Hedge Schools – At The End Of A Winding Day 
All songs begin somewhere , all records begin somewhere , for me At The End Of A Winding Day started in front of a roaring fire with a glass of whiskey and the realisation of Home and a place to call Home and most importantly people to call Home . That’s not very Rock n Roll , but what is these days . And secondly I didn’t really care if it was Rock n Roll . It’s what mattered to me then . It’s what matters to me still . 
Throughout the whole writing and recording process the sense of owning this and it really meaning something to me was paramount . Art for the sake of commerce is simply commerce . Art for the sake of Art was the road we went down . 
As with the first Hedge Schools record I approached my dear friend Joe Chester to record and produce with me . We recorded every Sunday, family life and work dictated that , and over the space of a year in his wonderful Living Room studio in Blessington st , built tracks , drank tea , as we went, but his unwavering attention to making a piece of Art as we had initially discussed was simply inspiring .He never let it slide . 
Tracks were laid and into the equation entered Kevin Murphy from Seti the First on cello and Donagh Molloy from Lisa Hannigan’s band on trumpet . The colours and tones and understanding that both brought to the recordings were just mind blowing . They just understood , respected , and bought into , and for that I’m eternally grateful. 
The initial plan is to release 250 copies of the album on CD with individual hand made Artwork . The release will be available from mid November onwards on THE HEDGE SCHOOLS Bandcamp page ONLY , which is still being built . I will confirm release date when all loose ends are tidied up . 
People still care about Art , I know they do . 
Thanks for the time . 


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