On any given Sunday morning most HMV employees would wake up with a hangover , that’s just how we lived . Worked hard , partied harder . It is a way of life , a tribal coming together on a Saturday night to talk about tunes , football , stories from the week , who’s kissing who , who’s not kissing who . It’s just what we did . Every HMV in Ireland has an associated pub a gathering point where everybody knew someone they’d know would be there on a Saturday night . A community centre that sold alcohol so to speak . Most of us however this morning will wake up with the hangover of what has been the most emotional week we’ve ever collectively endured . The hangover of Unemployment is shadowing us all but it won’t get us down , and here’s why .

HMV Ireland people are some of the proudest , hardworking , loyal , committed and dedicated people I’ve ever known in my life. Some years ago I suffered what was a near fatal brain aneurysm having endured all that I did I awoke to find at the end of my bed HMV people I’d known all my life and considered to be friends all my life. A second family . We rally around and what we’ve seen on the Staff HMV Ireland Facebook page in the past few days shows that people rally round us in our time of need . Why did they do that ? Why do we matter ? I’ll tell you why because they know we care . That’s why .

The abject lack of care and more importantly respect shown by the HMV UK directors to its workers in Ireland is nothing short of criminal . They’ve left their Managers scrabbling around in the dark , fighting tooth and nail for scraps of information that would help get their employees what they are entitled to. These Managers were left doing this on their time no safety net of support whatsoever. The sense of community we have as HMV Ireland kicked in again and they rallied around and yesterday got their people what they deserved . Yes we’ll sign on in the morning , yes we’ll fucking hate doing it but for those of us who the possess the drive and determination we showed every day that process will seem all the more easier .

Yes I’ll miss being commercial , yes I’ll miss the buzz of listen the first eight bars of a new release loving it and chalking it up on the blackboard for all to see, yes I’ ll miss Mick who’s walked in from Drimmagh every morning for the past 10 years just to have a browse and a chat with the staff , Dj Karl , where’s he gonna go . Mad Donna , Westlife girl ,Where will all the old characters go ? Who knows?

What I do know for sure is I won’t miss friends cause they’re there for Fucking life . They’ve gone nowhere . In itself that friendship is the cure for any Hangover .

Popcorn has a sell by date , friendship doesn’t .