In 2008 or so , after we closed the gates of Ten Speed Racer Song allotment I found myself , writing , noodling , notebooks , chords , scraps on train tickets , I wanted to craft a record , I didn’t want it out under my name , hence The Hedge Schools moniker arrived and stuck . The only port of call for production, recording , engineering any of the work was always going to be Joe Chester . My guru , the method, the teacher . The countless years watching his work , being on stage with it , sharing ears with it , it was always going to be the case . Not withstanding the incredible years of friendship we’ve shared . I owe him the earth . What we created is marked , it’s documented. Nobody can take those 3 records away .

The sound that arrived , 3 albums later , is , and I’ve always said this, a collaboration, a sonic coming together of people in a room , people who lent of themselves, the drinking of Tea , the laughing, the crafting , the hours spent , I brought the words and the voice , Joe Chester , Donagh Molly , Kevin Murphy, Vyvienne Long , have all contributed to it , to the sound of it . They are the Music makers .

Ultimately the joy of what the 3 records have given to people has been the end goal for us . The DJ’s who played it , who wrote about it , the reviewers who scribed words about the records . Well , we’re forever grateful and humbled. You got it , you understood it .

On that note I’ve decided to end releasing records under the name of The Hedge Schools , I just owe it to those who played on those records to leave it at that , mark it in the sand . Move it on . I am writing again , working it through my head , it is so far , very different , but I’m doing it with an open creative road ahead , and an exciting road . I’ve no destination marked .

There will be more Art , it’s all I know , all I am . It just won’t be called The Hedge Schools .

Bless The Hedge Schools.

All who loved it , all who bought it , supported it , played it , wrote about it . Sat in rooms with it , drove late night drives with it , sipped a fine malt with it .

The Undertow

The letting go

The pushing boats to Sea

Long Live The Hedge Schools.

Band Photo © Ruth Medjber